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The Great Wall of China is a prime example of ancient Feng Shui design and structure. Its intent was to link the population of China together for greater strength and abundance through commerce. The reason for its many twists and curves was to avoid cutting the arteries or "chi" energy of the dragon beneath the earth. The emperor believed this would separate the citizens, and China would fall into the hands of its enemy. As we can observe, the country of China is strong and thriving.

Experts maintain that good Feng Shui allows cosmic energy, often called the breath of the dragon, to flow freely through a home or building. This creates a better environment for residents, and facilitates relationships, communication and efficiency. A Feng Shui expert first considers the shape of a building, then its physical surroundings. The most ideal shapes are square, rectangular and round. Generally, the L shape or U shape connote something missing or unbalanced. This has a direct relationship to the actions of its tenants. When an imbalance or obstruction is located, the expert will advise how to rectify the problem.

A Feng Shui Master uses the front door of a home or business as his or her compass. Using celestial directions, the front door, if in the center of the building, is considered "north". If the entry door is to the right, it is considered northwest, and to the left, northeast (this is when you are outside of the building). Each room can also be fine tuned through the door method. Again, make your door determination and locate the other seven directions.

The most ideal time to consult a Feng Shui expert is prior to moving into a new location. The expert will examine blueprints to create the most ideal conditions for all to benefit. The blueprints include precise location of doors, windows, color of rooms, elevator location, furniture and desk placement. In existing buildings, the expert will utilize several of the nine secret "cures" for obstacles. Some of the cures or remedies include mirrors, to increase the apparent size of a room while it deflects negative energy; wind chimes to attract off-street customers; and faceted crystals to deflect negativity and stimulate energy. A crystal can be placed either on a desk or hung from the ceiling. Fish tanks placed in the southeast corner of a lobby or personal office will increase profits. Results are noticed almost immediately or within a few days of the adjustments. If for some reason business has not improved, a closer inspection of personal living quarters must be evaluated because it is an extension of the individual.

Desk arrangement is extremely important to set the tone of a business. A reception desk should never be directly in front of the main door, but rather a bit to the left or right. The President or Manager's office ideally is farthest from the main door. His desk placement should be facing the door with his back to a wall. This creates a position of power and enhances decision making. If one's back faces the door, it interrupts concentration resulting in stress and often one becomes accident prone. To resolve this problem, place a small mirror so that it is positioned towards the doorway for clear visibility of who is entering.

Many western businesses are using Feng Shui principles to increase profits and be in harmony with their staff. Recently on a national television broadcast, Donald Trump was consulting with a New York Feng Shui Master to ensure continued success. In 1971, when the Hyatt Regency hotel in Singapore began losing business, a Feng Shui Master advised them to change the entry doors and add a fountain in front of the building (many Asians believe that water attracts money). Soon after the changes, business increased. In another example, a Colorado company utilized Feng Shui in it's decor and in less than fourteen months, business increased six-fold and the owner was able to purchase a larger home and rent-out the former house. A Texas Doctor who complained of dwindling business was advised to remove his hunting trophy, which was proudly placed on his north wall (career). Within a few days, business began to increase.

Almost every Chinese restaurant in America utilizes the ancestral secrets. The first object that is notice is the fish tank, and the octagonal family tables and red silk tassels hanging form the ceiling which represent joy and prosperity. Often a mirror is placed by the cash register, which is usually located in the southeast corner, to double the profits.

It is difficult to argue with success — and Feng Shui has 4000 years to its credit. You too can use these ancient secrets of the orient to ensure harmony within your home or place of business.

Improve your life and increase your profits through basic, common sense and the sound reasoning of the age-old art of placement incorporating Feng Shui principles.

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