Elaine Jay Finster is a researcher, public speaker, workshop facilitator, and author. Her most recent books are ABC's of Crystals, and Crystals, Gems and Radionics. She was the editor and publisher of Crystal Pathways magazine from 1988-90.

A nurse for over 25 years, Elaine Jay left traditional nursing in 1982 to seek alternative healing modalities through holistic concepts. She returned to nursing in 1991 on a part time basis to utilize her holistic approaches along with the allopathic. Crystals, color, and sound have been her main focus. In 1988, she set out on on a new path through the means and employment of Feng Shui. After many years of study, practice, and research she began lecturing on this subject which is little known to westerners. In 1994, she completed her courses in architectural drafting and blueprint reading. Elaine Jay continues to study interior design. She feels that this is a way to blend the ancient east with the modern west.

She travels widely, especially in the West Indies — lecturing, teaching classes, and doing personal Feng Shui inspection of homes, offices, businesses, factory adjustments, and ideal land selection.

She studied with Professor Lin Yun of Berkley, California, the world acclaimed Feng Shui master of the Black Hat Tantric school of Feng Shui.

Elaine Jay and her husband Stanley Bytnar both practice the Black Hat Style of interior design and placement of Feng Shui. Elaine can be reached at her home office in Golden, Colorado at (303) 838-8446 or via 24-hour fax at (303) 838-2282. You may also set up a phone appointment and fax your floor plan or blueprint for analysis.

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For your personal inspection of home, land or business, contact Elaine Jay Finster-Bytnar at

2720 Deframe Road, Golden, Colorado 80401

Voice (303) 838-8446 Fax (303) 838-2282