The Art of Placement

Fame, fortune, and wisdom have been sought by many for centuries. Now after 3000 years, a few of the closely guarded secrets of the Chinese, who mastered these mysteries are making their way to Western shores.

Feng Shui, which literally means wind and water, and is the ancient Chinese art of interior design to balance man with his or her environment. Through the art of placement, equilibrium and balance are obtained. By properly placing, decorating and furnishing, personal "chi" increases, thus improving health and increasing growth in relationships and opportunities for wealth, health and success.

This ancient soft-science gives us a tool to fine tune our destinies through our surroundings. There are essentially eight paths of life that are addressed: longevity, reputation or fame, marriage & relationships, knowledge, helpful people, successful careers, children, and prosperity. Each of the paths are assigned a specific direction. For example, helpful people is in the northwest direction, money or prosperity is in the southeast direction and career is always north. In the Black Hat school of Feng Shui, we use celestial directions rather than actual or true directions.

It is difficult to argue with success — and Feng Shui has 4000 years to its credit. You too can use these ancient secrets of the orient to ensure harmony within your home or place of business.

Improve your life and increase your profits through basic, common sense and the sound reasoning of the age-old art of placement incorporating Feng Shui principles.

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