There are a variety of articles that can enhance or help the serious minded Feng Shui practitioner, student, or individual. Most of these items cannot be found in stores.

All prices are Retail — Call for wholesale prices (minimum quantities are required). This list is periodically updated.



Postage and Handling
Feng Shui Book "Health Wealth and Balance Through Feng Shui" by E.J. Finster. $6.95 $1.55

Coins and Charms

a Longevity & Tranquility small charm — 1" wide. *small brass charm $2.50
b Happiness and Longevity coin — Chinese wine bottle shape $3.00
c Business Good Luck & Conquering Obstacles coin — Some say it ensures a continual flow of business. Sold Out
d Good Luck in Business round charm — 14mm size; or heart shape w/bow & jump ring 16mm. $2.00
e Gambling & Prosperity Chinese charm — Place in wallet or cash register. 10mm x 15mm (tower shape) $2.50
f Spirit protection, ba-gua shape (8 sided) coin — with I Ching symbols used to deflect the evil eye from home/business. $3.50


g Tiny Ba-Gua shaped charm with jump-ring — I Ching and Yin-yang symbols. 14mm or (1/2" wide) $2.00
h Chinese Yin-Yang small round coin — for attracting money and focus. 1 inch or 25mm size (8 for $5.00 + postage and handling) $1.00
i Yin-Yang coins — medium (1.5 inch) $3.00
j Yin-Yang coins — Extra Large (2 inch) with phoenix & dragon $4.00
k "Kill the Devil" octagon shape coin —with figure of a warrior with sword. 1.125" wide. Place in car or above door for protection. Sold Out
l For the Family coin — 5 generations, to bring health, happiness, and protection. Put under the table. Round, 1.25" wide. $3.75
m Quan-Yin coin — the "Goddess of Compassion", and protection. Octagon shaped 1.125" wide. $3.50
n Heart shaped charm — with "Double Happiness" symbol. It's meaning to double fortune, love or luck. 11mm $2.00
o Zodiac Round coin — Chinese lettering with animal shape. Near center is I Ching symbols, hole in center. Size 55mm. $3.75
p Heart Shaped charm — with bamboo figure for new babies, or new beginnings of marriage or business. $2.00
q Crystal Balls — 30mm, with hole for hanging. Colors: clear (general deflector), pink (love), red (abundance) $12.95
s Hand Carved Stone Bunnies — Encourages and brings romance. 1" $5.25
t Hand Carved Stone Bunnies — Encourages and brings romance. 1/2" $3.50
u Hand Carved Stone Pigs — For Wealth. 3/4" $3.50
v Hand Carved Stone Pigs — Peruvian 1" pigs with glass eyes $5.25
w Cloisonne metal "fancy tail" Sun Fish — with jump ring several colors (2 for $6.00) $3.50
Postage and Handling: Unless otherwise noted, for items in this chart add $1.50 for one coin/charm/fish; for 2 add $1.90; for 3-6 ad $2.25; and for each additional beyond 6 add $.30 each.

Item 1: Spheres

Item 2: Tigers

Item 3: Pigs

Item 4: Turtle

Fiber Optic Items

Retail Postage and Handling
1 Spheres — 40mm, has a Cat's eye appearance. To deflect ill will and/or strengthen a gua. Colors are: white, pink, cobalt, blue, yellow, gray, green, teal, black, & purple. Instructions included. Add $1.00 for stand. $6.00 $2.25
2 Tiger — 1.5" long, white, lavender, or blue. Please specify color $8.00 $1.50
3 Pig — 1.5" long, white or green. Please specify color Sold Out $1.50
4 Turtle — 1.5" long, white or green. Please specify color Sold Out $1.50
5 Rabbit — 1.75" long, white or blue. Please specify color Sold Out $1.50
6 Dragon — 1.5" long, white, blue or green. Please specify color $8.00 $1.50
7 Whale — 1.5" long, blue. Sold Out $1.50
8 Dolphin — 1.5" long, blue. Sold Out $1.50
9 Leopard — 1.5" long, blue/white. Sold Out $1.50
10 Lion — 1.5" long, blue or brown. Please specify color $8.00 $1.50
Fiber Optic Items are made of fiber optic material which appears as a satin sheen in a vivid color.

Item 4: Rabbits


Item 5: Dragons


Item 6: Whale


Item 7: Dolphin

Item 8: Leopard

Item 10: Lions

Glass Items

Retail Postage and Handling
aa Two glass tan flutes on iridescent blue oval shape leaded stained glass — 6" high x 9" wide, with hanging chain. Hang in windows, on beams, or over doorways. Hand made in USA. Please specify Plain or with Chinese good luck writing. $36.00 $3.95
bb Ba-gua leaded glass — 8 colored guas. Faceted crystal in center on chain. Put on window, balances "Chi". 4" x 4" $18.00 $3.95
cc Mirror — beveled, 8" x 8", ba-gua shape. Stimulates positive "Chi" and deflects negative energy and "Chi". $12.95 $4.75

The essential oils below are from the Young Living Co., grown organically and are the purest in North America. They come in a 40 drop amber bottle. We suggest diluting the oils. Complete information with your order.


es-1 Abundance: an oil blend, used to attract prosperity and financial opportunities. Used by many successful, ancient healers. $7.70
es-2 Black Pepper: an oil used to remove negative spirits and used when someone has bad luck. Can be used in place of Realgar for "Sealing the Door Ceremony", or for clearing out stagnant energy. $9.00
es-3 Dream Catcher: an oil blend, used to enhance mental creativity and daydreams. Assists in restful sleep and quiets worries. $14.25
es-4 Geranium: an oil used to uplift mood and help release negative memories and bring in fresh energy. $7.50
es-5 Harmony: an oil blend of delicate flower aromas. Opens meridian centers and reduces stress and anxiety. Has been helpful in overcoming negative emotions and balances the aura. $15.00
es-6 Joy: an oil blend, used for self love and happiness. Use in SW gua or put on your heart. Improves one's self image. Opens you to accept love and brings more confidence. May be used as an allergy free perfume. $8.75
es-7 Lavender: an oil used as a Universal healing oil, it can soothe stress and is relaxing. Use in the Tai Chi (center) gua. $5.60
es-8 Peace and Calming: an oil blend, used to relax overly active children and help reduce insomnia. Brings tranquility to the home. $7.25
es-9 Purification: an oil blend, used to purify the air by removing pollutants, odors, and smoke. Neutralizes mildew, molds, fungus, and repels mice and insects. Spray over head or area. Use in all guas. $4.25
es-10 Release: an oil blend, used to release guilt and anxiety. It is helpful in releasing some traumas, bringing peace and hope. $8.35
es-11 White Angelica: an oil blend, used for spiritual protection, removes negative thoughts, protects home from wandering spirits. $13.75
Postage and handling for oils is: 1 bottle, add $1.50; for 2 add $1.90; for 3 add $2.20, each additional add $.25.
For further information about these oils, or other oils, please contact us. We carry over 90 different oils and oil blends!

To Order Items:

Send a description of the item(s) you are ordering along with a check, money order, or MC/VISA card number and Expiration date for the amount of the items, including postage and handling, to: New Age Concepts, 2720 Deframe Road, Golden Colorado 80401. Please contact us with questions at (303) 838-8446 or our 24-hour fax line at (303) 838-2282. Thank You.

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Feng Shui Tip of the Month

Red watermelon seeds acquired at Chinese New Years time can be used to sprout new actions and bring new opportunities. Contact us for watermelon seeds. Nine is the ideal number to use — one in each gua or all in one gua that you want strengthened.